• I have lots of beers I need photographing; can you come to my premises to shoot them?

Unfortunately not. The studio equipment – lights, soft boxes, reflectors, diffusers – is very bulky, it dwarfs the bottles and the table top. Some of it is screwed into the ceiling. Also, the studio is blacked out – all extraneous light sources are eliminated. It would be possible to recreate the studio elsewhere, but the effort and expense would be greater than the saving in packaging and delivering beers. 

• I am having some new labels designed – is there anything to consider to make sure they photograph well?


Try to avoid allowing text or images on the rear overlapping the edges of the bottle such that any part of them is visible when the bottle is viewed directly from the front.

Try to use block colours rather than textures.

Try to use vector images rather than photographs.

Can you do a location shoot, in a pub, for instance?

No. Shooting glass products without horrendous reflections is extremely difficult. Using a pub, or similar, as a location would require a takeover of the premises and a blacking-out of all sources of light. It would also require the transportation of very bulky studio lights, diffusers and reflectors.

B&C is in the process of acquiring props such that studio mock-ups of real world environments is possible. For the time being, B&C Studio only offers bottles and cans against a plain background.

• Can you shoot my beer in my branded glass?

Yes. Sample shots will be appearing on this website in due course.

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