Checklist before sending bottles or cans to B&C Studio

Ideally, you need to submit immaculate bottles or cans for photography.

Before submitting bottles or cans, please pay attention to this checklist:

• Check the labels are correctly positioned.

• Check the labels are undamaged and there are no print smudges.

• Check the labels show no printing flaws.

• If your bottle carries a BBE stamp, check it is not visible when the bottle is viewed from the front. 

• If your beer is pale and the back of the rear label can be seen when the bottle is viewed from the front, consider submitting it without the rear label.

• If your bottle has a seam, check that it run down the sides of the bottle and not behind the main label.

• Check the glass is free from crizzles. A crizzle is a flaw in the glass – typically a fold that occurs while the glass is still molten or a fracture that does not penetrate the glass


• If your bottled beer contains sediment it is preferable that you submit bottles with as little sediment as possible. Sediment never photographs well. 

• Check cans are not dented or scratched.

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