How it Works

Firstly, get in touch!

You can fill in the contact form for a return call, or you can call 07951 104 083.

You can email enquiries to

After discussing your needs and agreeing the price, you post or deliver your bottles and cans to the studio. (Before posting check this guide).

We take the photos and do the editing.

Your photos should be ready in seven days. They will be delivered by download.

What you get (for each bottle or can):

  • A hi-res master in TIFF format. This is ideal for high quality print applications and for converting into other formats. This will be approximately 4700 pixels tall.
  • A large JPG image
  • A small JPG image

Other picture formats are available on request.

Bottles and cans are not generally returnable. Postage will be charged if you require your items to be returned. Sometimes it is necessary to remove labels or apply non-reflective coatings to aid photography.

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